6 days, 13 hours, 31 minutes – FINISHED!!!

This is adding to Gary’s post from Carver’s Cap, TN from the Lion Tamer: Last day saw the ladies begin early yet again, but this time starting on the road.  The ladies had 19.4 miles of road work ahead before they re-entered the mountains.  After entering the mountains, the crew sped around to meet the ladies at Carver’s Gap.  The ladies emerged a few hours later and they and crew tackled the last mountain.  A beautiful field full of azeleas in full bloom led everyone to the summit.  Mama Cat, Dixie Cat, and Bohi walked hand in hand to the summit, tears in some of their eyes.  The journey was complete – a job well done.  The statistics for day 7 are below.

12 hours 38 minutes

30.5 miles

Roan High Bluff

Roan High KNob

Grassy Ridge Bald



  1. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Congrats to all. I can only imagine the special experience this must have been for the runners AND the crew hubbies. Thanks hubbies, for all you do to help us wifeys do cool things like the CATS did!!!

    Much love and hugs to you all!


  2. You CATS have torn up these mountains and have accomplished your goal and dream. Your family support has been amazing. Well earned praise to the CATS and their crew. Your trail friends are so proud of you and you all will be trail talk for a long time to come. Great job ladies! Rick

  3. Thanks for all your enthusiastic support! I am glad I can repay in part in August!

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