End of Day 6

I spoke with Rebekah a couple of minutes ago and to say she is tired would be an understatement. They spent a large portion of the day today on a nasty trail along a ridge. The rocks were really bad. One portion had to be repelled down. Permanent ropes are in place so they did not have to haul in equipment. Anne apparently had a nasty fall and is bruised pretty bad. Rebekah’s knees and shins are hurting pretty bad especially on the downhill at the end. Tomorrow is the final day. None of the girls were able to do this section before hand so the mileage is unknown. Rebekah did say there was quite a few miles on hardsurface road. A mixed blessing at this point. The hard surface will certainly be hard on tired joints but no bushwacking, briers, or the like will be nice. Of course the crew will have ready access at any time. One more day!


1 Comment

  1. GO, GRLS, GO!
    Incredible effort.

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