Beginning on June 10, 2009, three woman representing three decades of life, will begin their assault on the South Beyond 6000 (SB6k). The SB6K is a challenge that demands the summiting of 40 North Carolina peaks that stand in excess of 6000 feet in elevation. 15 of these peaks are unmarked and untrailed. All peaks must be connected on foot which requires over 300 miles of trekking. With a goal of completing the challenge in seven days, an average or 42 miles per day will be required.


We are Rebekah Trittipoe (52), Anne Lundblad (42) and Jenny Anderson (35), all experienced ultrarunners and members of Team Inov-8.


We all have a sense of adventure and challenge. However, we have also found that many other women have similar aspirations despite giant roadblocks. As a result, we are partnering with The Project Athena Foundation.  to help enable woman battling physical illness or injury to achieve their athletic dreams as well.