Pictures from the Finish

Here are a few  pictures from the finish.







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6 days, 13 hours, 31 minutes – FINISHED!!!

This is adding to Gary’s post from Carver’s Cap, TN from the Lion Tamer: Last day saw the ladies begin early yet again, but this time starting on the road.  The ladies had 19.4 miles of road work ahead before they re-entered the mountains.  After entering the mountains, the crew sped around to meet the ladies at Carver’s Gap.  The ladies emerged a few hours later and they and crew tackled the last mountain.  A beautiful field full of azeleas in full bloom led everyone to the summit.  Mama Cat, Dixie Cat, and Bohi walked hand in hand to the summit, tears in some of their eyes.  The journey was complete – a job well done.  The statistics for day 7 are below.

12 hours 38 minutes

30.5 miles

Roan High Bluff

Roan High KNob

Grassy Ridge Bald

Day 7 – They are FINISHED

Spoke with Rebekah a couple of minutes ago and she reported they had finished the last peak. Total time was 6 days, 14 hours and 30 minutes. I do not have the exact mileage figure yet but based on their itinerary the whole journey was just shy of 300 miles.

The final day was a challenge because Rebekah was having problems.  As agreed at the start they stayed together but the pace was very slow. BUT THEY FINISHED! They are headed back to Mark and Anne’s house in Asheville to chill out. Tomorrow will involve getting the supplies sorted out and then the Virginia contingent will head home.

Hope to have some pics from the finish later tonight.


End of Day 6

I spoke with Rebekah a couple of minutes ago and to say she is tired would be an understatement. They spent a large portion of the day today on a nasty trail along a ridge. The rocks were really bad. One portion had to be repelled down. Permanent ropes are in place so they did not have to haul in equipment. Anne apparently had a nasty fall and is bruised pretty bad. Rebekah’s knees and shins are hurting pretty bad especially on the downhill at the end. Tomorrow is the final day. None of the girls were able to do this section before hand so the mileage is unknown. Rebekah did say there was quite a few miles on hardsurface road. A mixed blessing at this point. The hard surface will certainly be hard on tired joints but no bushwacking, briers, or the like will be nice. Of course the crew will have ready access at any time. One more day!

Day 6 Begins

Have not heard from anyone this morning other than getting some pictures from Seth. I have posted a couple in the blog. There are more posted at


Day 5 – More info

The ladies finished late in the evening after a total of 46 miles. They stopped a couple miles short of their intended goal of 48. Should not be a problem because Day 6 had planned mileage of “only” 36 miles. 15

Day 5

Just got off the phone with Cory Anderson who has joined Seth and Mark to crew the girls. Today is a long day with a planned 48 miles. No peaks will be captured today. Essentially they are going from one group of peaks to another. The trail will be single track the whole way and even though no peaks will be climbed there will still be a tremendous amount of elevation change. The last 12 miles will essentially be all uphill. The weather is warmer than the other days and sunny but no rain yet. As of 2:30 this afternoon they were still on schedule. The guys were kicked back in a parking lot in Asheville waiting to go meet the girls a bit later. When they meet it will be mile 36 so still 12 to go after that. Of course the guys were enjoying the scenery as well. No not the mountains but some high end exotic cars driving around Asheville. The evening will be spent at the Lundblad’s home so there will be internet there. Hope to get a few pictures to post. Later – Gary Trittipoe (somebody had to stay home and take care of the blog)

Day 4

The day began at 5:00AM with a goal of 37.5 miles. The day ended at 8:40PM after covered the planned mileage. The guys are reporting the ladies are in good spirits. It was nice to have some friends around since it was the weekend. It was also nice to not have any rain as they did the other days. They spent the night at Pisgah Campground. Total elevation gain for the day was 7239 feet.

Day 3…

Update from Mark Lunblad at 5:30pm on Friday:

The ladies started this morning at 5am in a rain storm. As of 5:30pm, the ladies were starting their last section of trail at Mount Hardy. 

More updates as they become known…

Day 2…

Just got off the phone with Jenny and she reports that they are all doing very well after 2 days.  Here are the results from Day 2:

37.1 miles covered

5687 feet climbed

4 mountains peaked, 3 bushwacked

Stay tuned…